Seminar room, Women’s Hospital, Building 102 (max. 20 participants)

13.00 o’clock Registration
14.00 o’clock Welcome and opening of the workshop, introduction
Prof. O. Muensterer, Mainz
Priv.-Doz. Dr. S. Turial, Mainz
Dr. Jan Gödeke, Mainz
14.10 o’clock – 15.45 o’clock Theory / Basics
MIRPE Procedure: How I do it
14.10 o’clock PE Procedure
Priv.-Doz. Dr. S. Turial, Mainz
14.40 o’clock The “Pilegaard” technique
Prof. H. Pilegaard, Aarhus, Denmark
15.20 o’clock Plate osteosynthesis
Dr. S. Schulz-Drost, Berlin
15.45 o’clock – 16.00 o’clock Coffee Break
16.00 o’clock – 17.30 o’clock Theory / Basics
Open correction PE / PC: How I do it
16.00 o’clock STRATOS system
Prof. J.M. Wihlm, Strasbourg, France
16.45 o’clock Modified Abramson technique for PC repair
Prof. M. Yüksel, Istanbul, Turkey
19.00 o’clock Welcome to Mainz!

Speakers meeting

Seminar room, Women’s Hospital, Building 102

08.00 o’clock Patient presentation
Dr. Jan Gödeke, S. Rohleder, Mainz


Operating rooms of Pediatric Surgery, Women’s Hospital, Building 102

09.00 o’clock – 13.30 o’clock Live Surgery
Saal 1 PE 15yoM, Nuss procedure
Operateur: S. Turial
PE 26yoM, Pilegaard-Technique
Operateur: H. Pilegaard
Saal 2 PC 18yoF, Repair with STRATOS system
Operateur: J.M. Wihlm
PE 19yoM, ME Nuss Bügel
Operateur: S. Turial
Saal 3 PC 15yoM, Abramson operation
Operateur: M. Yüksel
At 14:30 o’clock the symposium continues